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  • High Performance Windows . Reducing the U-Factor down to 0.32 and SHGC down to 0.25. (Section 150.1(c)3A)....Read more
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  • Buildings listed below shall provide for the future installation of a solar electric or solar thermal system....Read more
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  • In the beer department, Wal-Mart recently decided alcohol was good business and vowed to double sales by 2016. The result: 500 reps from the alcohol industry converged on the Sam’s Club auditorium in Bentonville, Arkansas, for an “adult beverages summit” focused on Wal-Mart. “It’s even selling it in garden centers,” Bloomberg News’s R...Read more
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  • In states where it’s available, solar leasing is extremely popular. Approximately 75% or so of homeowners who go solar in these states decide to go solar through a solar leasing/PPA option. The big stat of the day today is that middle-class families who go solar in this way are projected to save about $600 a year off their electricity costs. That...Read more
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  • One of the world’s largest photovoltaic solar power plants has begun full operations in San Luis Obispo County, its owners announced Thursday.
    And its completion marks another milestone in California’s push to use more renewable power....Read more
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  • SunPower Corp. (SPWR), the second-largest U.S. solar manufacturer, bought Greenbotics Inc., maker of robots that clean panels to increase the amount of power they can generate.The robots clean dirt and dust off of photovoltaic and solar thermal arrays and cut water use by 90 percent, San Jose, California-based SunPower said today in a statement. Te...Read more
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  • The US Marines are testing a new tricked-out vest that will power their portable electronic gear partly with solar energy. The goal is to relieve the logistical nightmare and physical challenge of carrying conventional batteries into the battlefield, enabling Marines to function effectively in remote or hard-to-supply locations for longer periods o...Read more
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  • Keane, president of SmartPower, a national nonprofit organization that creates community programs for energy efficiency and clean energy, says 80 percent of Americans want solar power, but only 3 percent obtain it."That's because we don't think we need it, because our houses and offices already come with energy," Keane said....Read more
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  • Mesa, Arizona is in for a dose of Apple-fueled economic growth, according to an announcement the state’s governor made today. Apple will be constructing a new manufacturing plant in the city, and with it will come 1300 new jobs for the construction itself and management, and 700 jobs for manufacturing once it is open. Beyond that, Apple also has ...Read more
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  • The mindbogglingly large number of people in the world–1.3 billion–without access to electricity is providing a growing market opportunity for a lot of social entrepreneurs. I just wrote about one, Nokero, selling solar-powered light bulbs.But SunFunder, another fledgling venture, takes a very different approach: It’s helping sellers of solar...Read more
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