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Budget and customize the best solar system for your home or business.

Ever wonder if solar is right for you?

We all like to be educated consumers - especially with major purchases. You wouldn't walk into a car dealership without doing your research online. So why would you get a solar quote without doing that same research?

Understand your electricity use. Develop your budget. Get financing. Get bids. - All in one simple format.

Use our solar savings calculator to get a quick

estimate of solar system cost

, tax rebates and financing options. It only takes a few minutes to discover how much money you can save by going solar. Simply enter your address to receive

free solar quotes for home or business


Let's See How Much Can Solar Save You

How Solar Panels Work
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Find Local Installers

Solarbuddy knows how difficult it can be to find a contractor for any job. Our list of contractors is not only extensive, it also has reviews.